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Come Sing About Love! [Updated]

God’s kindness is intended to lead you to repentance.

Romans 2:4

News Flash: things are pretty terrible in the world.

The world is in turmoil.

Inflation is skyrocketing.

Everyone believes their rights are being infringed and humans are being humans by falling short of that which they are called to.

Those on the left are upset about the Supreme Court ruling in alignment with the constitution that Abortion should be up to the states to decide, and they’re upset about former president Trump.

Those on the right are upset about immigration, inflation, and President Biden forgiving student loans.

People are scared.

What are Christians doing about it?

Former, progressive, and discernment Christians are using the latest mega church pastor not doing something Christian as a justification of why they’re right and we need to believe them.

Regular Christians have become distracted by either apologizing for things they either have no control of or aren’t guilty of or complaining that things aren’t the way they always have been.

And everywhere we fail to be Jesus to the world.

If Christianity is to be trusted and believed to be true (as I believe it can be) than the gospel is needed now more than ever.

The Gospel as I see it can be quickly recapped as:
Humanity is screwed up.
God became a man (Jesus).
Jesus murdered to atone for our screw up.
God raised Jesus from the dead.
All humanity can be saved by confessing and believing.

Within those essentials are room for exploration such as the fact that God loves humanity. We have inherent value and worth – so much so that Jesus would give up various aspects of being God (being everywhere and being all powerful in that he could be killed) so he could be killed on our behalf, and we could be with God forever in eternity. There’s the reality of the restoration of all things. The end of sickness, suffering, tears, and sadness.

Come sing about Love; that calls us first to be!
Come sing about Love; that made the stone and tree!
Come sing about Love; that draws us lovingly!

We Beseech Thee – Godspell

What if, during this time, we made a decision to only sing about Love? What if, we decided to focus on the Gospel? What if we spoke to the concerns of the world and trusted Holy Spirit to guard the hearts of newborn Christians while we as a unified body of believers shared the Gospel? What if, during this time, we do our best to abide by Romans 12:18? What if we didn’t sabotage ourselves and the cause of Christ by letting our partisan views blind us?

Do all that you can to be at peace with everyone.

Romans 12:18 (NLT)

I’m not saying we shouldn’t speak the truth when asked. I’m saying, choose to not post something about how X is evil and has no redeeming value and instead post about how God is good and all of humanity has inherent value. When given the option to share about our freedoms being taken away, what if you talk about the freedom we have in Christ.

What if, when someone shares they’re listening to a stream about a pastor you don’t agree with or could be troublesome, you shared some other alternatives and talk about what you love about them.

It’s not being told that X or Y is wrong or evil that causes us to want to be saved. It’s Gods’ kindness that leads us to repentance. It was his sacrifice that made us able to change. It’s his love that inspires us to change.

[This post was originally posted on April 1st, 2020 on a site that was hacked and no longer exists. At some point, I’ll post the non-updated version, because I feel it’s still timely, but I wanted to update this one to take out some references that are no longer important.]

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