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What I Believe

Why should you care about my opinions on things? Well, it’s up to you to be honest.

Spiritually: I’m what one may call a Bapticostal. I am charismatic in that I believe the Holy Spirit operates in the here and now and I believe the Bible is inerrant in its original languages and should be used to inform our decisions. I am not Calvinist.

I’ve been part of pretty much every Christian denomination with exception of Presbyterian, Anglican, and Catholic. My favorites have been Quaker, Wesleyan, and, of course, Baptist.

If you care about my Theological beliefs, you can find my small treatise of my theological beliefs at this link.

Politically: I’m a Communitarian Liberal – the capitalized lettering is important. This was the only political philosophy I found where I could be an economic libertarian, support a constitutionally small government, but also be socially conservative. This gives me the unique ability to oppose sweeping government welfare and non-constitutional government organizations, while still supporting bans on abortion, drugs, and prostitution.