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Author: MrFunkhouser

What is truth?

Pilate’s exchange with Jesus in John 18 is fascinating! Pilate asks Jesus “What is Truth” and Jesus has a great answer. But before we go to the Bible, I look at the musical version via Jesus Christ Superstar.

Originally written for a piece on TDMI’s website, Christiaan takes his writing and adapts it slightly.

A Christiaan Experience with Gaslighting (Part 2: Homefield Advantage.)

Continuing my tale of how I realized I was gaslit, and how it affected me, this is my experience with corporate gaslighting. I have worn many hats in my life, I’ve worked in warehouses, in retail establishments, churches, freelancing, and for MNC’s in all areas.

While not every experience has been awesome. This one specifically was the most traumatic.